ATLAS Beach Fest Care,  CSR occasion for Desa Tibubeneng

Bali, 31 July 2022 – ATLAS Beach Fest has been opened, the presence of ATLAS Beach Fest amid the society, especially in Desa Tibubeneng, which is a countryside where ATLAS Beach Fest is located. For our attention and careness for the society, ATLAS Beach Fest collaborates with the countryside head (Perbekel) to disseminate over 380 packages of basic needs that will be given to the Desa Tibubeneng’s locals. 

We hope that ATLAS Beach Fest’s presence in Desa Tibubeneng will impact everyone. We are thankful to the ATLAS’ management that has been caring for society these 10 days. A commitment besides the workforce and social needs, society, and our commitment to enhance Desa Tibubeneng. We hope this program can be prolonged, said Mr. Made Kamajaya (Perbekel Desa Tibubeneng).

These basic needs packages that are given by ATLAS Beach Fest are warmly welcomed. This approach by ATLAS hopefully can give a contribution for developing this countryside. 

We are amid the society and take responsibility for society. Meanwhile, what we can do is giving the basic needs to the needy community. This aid is directed to the needy community with data that is given from the government and hopefully can achieve the target. Our hope by this occasion can help us to approach and bring a symbol for our care for Desa Tibubeneng.

Our hope from this CSR is to construct our communication to the local people. We are thankful that we are warmly welcomed by the Head of Desa Tibubeneng, said Tommy (Public Relations of  ATLAS Beach Fest). 

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