BAWA Bali, Braking Lot Canggu, and ATLAS Beach fest celebrate national day of world wildlife

Bali, 11 November 2022 - ATLAS Beach Fest together with BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) with Barking Lot Canggu Bali celebrate the day of flower and wildlife. This celebration will be discussing about dog’s day. On this occasion, we will be sharing about tips and tricks when we are around a dog. The other discussion is about 5 animal’s welfare, and another tips and tricks with the steps when we got bitten by a dog.

On the other hand, BAWA Bali & Barking Lot Canggu commenced a competition about animal obedience plus another eating competition that is open for public. ATLAS Beach Fest strongly encourages this occasion as a sign of their care and commitment that the environment of the highly class tour with international standard, facilitated with a friendly area and safe for pets. 

By this chance, ATLAS Beach Fest also celebrates wildlife day together with disability kids from by delivering baby turtles. The occasion was right after cleaning Berawa beach that is located opposite the ATLAS Beach Club. 

Published from website , ATLAS Beach Club gives free access to the disability. “A symbol of careness and support from ATLAS to our disability friends was phenomenal '' said the management of, Maria. 

Maria said that she really appreciated the kindness and sincere staff when from their side accessed the location of ATLAS Beach Club. “we cherished and moreover were freed to get inside the beach club. Our disability friends were cheerful”, said by her. 

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