Jembrana’s regent gladly receiving Basic needs package from ATLAS Beach Fest Bali

Bali, 23 October 2022 - The regent of Jembrana I Nengah Tamba is delighted with ATLAS Beach Fest’s contribution that brings support to lowering the burden of the Government in Jembrana when the floods impacted the locals in many places. The floods that happened in Jembrana was one of the biggest in Bali by this year. Floods make a bunch of people need to be evacuated and lost their homes.

The suffer from local people in Jembrana, ATLAS Beach Fest’s management discussed an internal meeting and decided to send the basic needs package to the refugees. ATLAS Beach Fest’s team took 3 hours to get to the location and gave the packages with 950 Kg rice, 145 boxes of instant noodles, 2544 milk cartons, and 1200 fish cans.

The regent of Jembrana I Nengah Tamba who received support with some locals said really happy by ATLAS Beach Fest’s attention.  “I, regent of Jembrana, really delighted and thankful for ATLAS Beach Fest that today supports us with a basic needs package for the society who got impacted by the floods”. 

By this chance, the regent of Jembrana invites Hotman Paris as the investor of ATLAS Beach Fest Bali. “Please send my regards to Hotman Paris. I pray that his business can be enhanced and keep healthy. If he has leisure time, please come visit Jembrana, take a look at the situation and take part in reconstructing Jembrana. Thank you!

I Nengah Tamba once said about the plan of groundbreaking the toll road to Jembrana that ATLAS Beach Fest Bali together with Hotman Paris can invest to develop the tour destination in that location. 

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