ATLAS Beach Fest reveals the tradition of Bali 

Bali, 7 October 2022 – ATLAS Beach Fest, one of the biggest entertainment destinations in South Asia shows Bali’s traditions in October at Culinary Ground.

ATLAS Beach Fest realizes  that Bali is beautiful and phenomenal with an exotic and eye-catching local tradition. ATLAS Beach fest cares to develop local's culture. Collaboration with a local artist, ATLAS Beach Fest represents a dance that is inspired by the local's tradition.

Anya, a little dancer from Singaraja, Bali, brings the opening with her eye-catching and entertaining dance. And combine with another attraction of Gamelan (traditional musical instrument). A great ambiance was going on combined with a local singer from Desa Tibubeneng, Ni Luh Ketut Mahalini Ayu Rahaja or known as Mahalini. 

Mahalini brings a song with authentic Bali’s traditional dress. Claps by the visitors bring the singer back to her seat. The holiday ambiance is perfectly indeed, and moreover with Penjor on every fringe of ATLAS Beach Fest reminds them about Bali’s tradition. 

Penjor is a symbol of Basukih dragon that has a meaning of prosperous life. Penjor with a mountain shape is believed to provide salvation and prosperity.

After the show, Mahalini said, “it is a pleasure to perform on ATLAS because it is my first time to use Atlas’ 360 stage, and surely proud because the performance is held in my homeland”.

One of the visitors from ATLAS Beach Fest, Peggy said that the traditional show is excellent and eye-catching. She got spellbound by the music with the gamelan attraction and made the show become more phenomenal. Peggy hopes by this occasion, it can regularly become a routine and can become an eye-catching place for tourists.  Peggy said that Bali is not the beauty of the vista yet, the ecsotic of tradition, dance, music, with a variety of music is spellbinding as well. The local people are friendly and familiar she said. 

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